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Common Mistakes in Dog Raising

Common Mistakes in Dog Raising

Mistake one, don’t dry your dog’s hair after bathing, just dry it naturally in hot weather.
After bathing the dog, it must be dried so as to protect the hair follicles and skin from dryness and skin diseases.

Mistake two, frequent bathing for dogs, found that dogs have itching and other problems to wash more frequently.
Take a bath once every 1-2 weeks. Human skin is acidic, while dog skin is neutral, which is totally different from the structure and texture of human skin. Dog skin is much thinner than human skin, and frequent bathing will destroy the protective layer of hair and easy to cause a variety of skin diseases.

Mistake three, the dog is the favorite of the whole family, and we give it whatever we eat.
The nutritional content of human food does not fully meet the needs of dog growth, and many human delicacies are harmful to dogs. Dogs waiting for their owner’s food at the table will develop bad habits and affect their normal diet.

Mistake four, the effect of human bath products is so good it must also be suitable for dogs.
People and dogs have different skin acidity and alkalinity, and people’s bath products can dry, age, and depilate dogs’ skin. If the time is too long, it will cause a variety of skin diseases. Wash the dog with pet shampoo, which will avoid the occurrence of skin diseases.

Mistake five, animal liver is rich in nutrition. Dog loves to eat and let it eat enough.
Liver contains a variety of nutrients, and its unique fishy smell is loved by dogs and cats. But eating liver for a long time can lead to obesity, skin itching, vitamin A poisoning, calcium deficiency, bleeding, and postpartum convulsions, which are very dangerous.

Mistake six, my dog is the best, do not take it out. It can hold urine and urine for a long time.
It is the nature of a dog not to excrete within its own range of activities, but it is not good for its health. It should be trained to urinate and defecate in the bathroom or given enough opportunities to go out and excrete. Adult dogs should not hold their urine for more than 10 hours. Holding back urine for a long time can lead to many diseases of the urinary system and bring great pain to dogs.

Mistake seven, my dog often eats big stick bone and drinks bone soup. It certainly doesn’t lack calcium.
The main component of bone soup is bone marrow, and the main component of bone marrow is fat. Eating bones also does not guarantee good absorption of calcium, and puppies cannot digest bones. Calcium deficiency in adult dogs is manifested by dysphoria, hot flashes, easy fracture, and lazy movement. Calcium powder, calcium tablets, or calcium needles can usually be used to supplement calcium, and beef ingots and traditional Chinese medicines can also be used to supplement calcium and strengthen bones.

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