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Choice of corgi varieties. Teach you how to identify corgi

Choice of corgi varieties. Teach you how to identify corgi
  1. Back coat color
    First, the color of a corgi is generally divided into two colors and three colors, but it should be noted that the color of the back of a purebred corgi is only one color, and there will be no variegation. This is a hybrid corgi, although it would look better with colors on the back. If your corgi has different colors on the back, it’s hybrid.
  2. Ears
    Secondly, look at the ears of the Corgi. The overall outline of the ears of purebred Corgi is round, the shape of the top is pointed, and the whole is close to a triangle. And its ears are standing up, not falling. In addition, you can pull the ears of the corgi to see if its ears can completely cover the eyes. If so, that is a purebred corgi.
  3. Eyes
    The color of purebred corgi’s eyes is black, and the color around the eyes is almost black. The shape of the eyes is generally oval, and the color of the eyes looks consistent with the color of the body. So, if your corgi’s eyes aren’t oval and don’t look right with the hair, it could be a hybrid.
  4. Body Proportion
    Body size is also a criterion to measure whether a corgi is purebred or not. The purebred corgi is very well-proportioned but generally short. However, the back of the body is straight, the body is strong, and the pace of walking is relatively stable. If it’s out of proportion and walks as if it wants to fall at any moment, it could be a hybrid corgi.
  5. Hair texture
    The hair of purebred corgis is generally smooth and textured, and there is a lot of hair. You can touch and scratch its hair if it feels smooth and comfortable, and it can return to its original shape immediately after letting go, which means that the hair quality is very good. If the texture of its hair is not good and the amount of hair is not much, it may be a hybrid corgi, or it may be undernourished.

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