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Causes of cub eating in female cats

Causes of cub eating in female cats

As the saying goes, a tiger does not eat its children. But sometimes it is obviously abnormal to see female cats eating their own kittens, which is a pathological phenomenon that occurs in both young and old female cats. The causes of female cats’ cub-eater are complex and are not yet very clear. It is generally believed that there may be the following causes:

  1. Improper feeding and management during pregnancy, lack of protein or some minerals in feed, insufficient drinking water before and after pregnancy, and high ambient temperature lead to the thirst of female cats.
  2. Nervous types of female cats Some cats are too neurotic, spoil the kittens too much, and desire the kittens too much, causing the kittens to open their skin and flesh, or even their internal organs to come out, and eventually be swallowed by the female cats.
  3. It may be a manifestation of wild carnivory. Cats are carnivores in the wild. There may be stillbirths in the kittens. After the mother cat swallows the dead kittens, she gradually forms a strange habit of swallowing the kittens.

According to the above reasons, in order to prevent female cats from eating young, first of all, we should strengthen feeding management, feed enough protein, vitamins, and minerals before and after delivery, feed some foods rich in animal protein, such as fish, beef, pork, etc., and feed enough and clean drinking water. Female cats should be given careful care when giving birth, pay attention to the quiet environment, avoid female cat panic, and a small number of neurotic female cats’ cub-eaters should be eliminated.

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