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Cats in nature are not in heat frequently

Cats in nature are not in heat frequently

Cats in estrus will be affected by many factors their estrus is not very regular, the owner can judge their estrus time according to their estrus performance. During the cat estrus period, the owner should take extra care of them. This period of their mood is not very stable, in the diet above also needs balanced nutrition. How long does a cat go into heat?

The estrus of cats is affected by their own development, season, climate, sunshine, rain, and other factors. The estrus of cats in nature is not frequent. Generally, they are in estrus in spring. However, the estrus of domestic pet cats is not so regular because of their good nutrition and the small impact of external climate change. Generally, cats over 7 or 8 months old will be in estrus.

The female cat will bark when she is in heat, will want to run out, touch her tail, and she will raise her buttocks.

Male cats in heat will also want to run out. The owner should be careful not to let the cat run away but also fight with other male cats for territory or spray urine to delimit the territory.

Domestic cats estrus may be very frequent, some cats will repeat estrus at an interval of a week, and some cats will be in estrus again at an interval of 2 or 3 months. Generally, after the end of estrus, they will go to the hospital for sterilization.

Beginning in late winter, spring and autumn are the main mating seasons for cats. Estrus cycle: about 3 to 4 times a year, estrus time: 6 to 10 days on average.

During the mating season, female cats are in heat every 2 to 3 weeks. The above is an approximate average, and there are differences, with a few exceptions even in the mating season, but the cycle after estrus is similar.

If there is no mating during the heat period, the cat will soon be in heat again, about two to three weeks apart. If the cat is in the heat for a long time without mating, the interval between the cat’s estrus will be shortened, and it will look as if it has been in the heat without interruption.

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