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Cat stool health self-check table

Cat stool health self-check table

Watching your cat’s poop every time you shovel it can help prevent many small problems that novices can learn from.

I. Observe the shape of stool

Fecal classification: The cat’s feces are classified into 7 categories, and the health of the cat can be known after observation and comparison.

Constipation: nutlike, dry, and hard

Normal: wrinkled, banana-shaped

Diarrhea: soft, slightly shaped, watery

II. Observe the color of stool

Normal stool: brown/brown.

Abnormal stool: black, blood, white/gray, orange, green.

III. Observe the foreign body in the stool

Excessive mucous membrane: may be intestinal inflammation, medical advice is recommended.

White Sesame Spot: Maybe a parasite. Regular deworming is recommended.

Hair: It may be that the licking hair is not discharged. It is recommended to feed some cat grass to help the discharge of hair.

Foreign body: It may be ingested by mistake. It is recommended to seek medical advice.

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