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Cat and Dog War: I Am a Big Grievance

Cat and Dog War: I Am a Big Grievance

A long time ago, cats and dogs were a pair of enemies of life and death, and there was always an inevitable “war”. Now in the 21st century, the feud between cats and dogs has never dissipated, so long time still cannot wash away their love and hatred, and I have only one question, that is, why the dog loses every time?

In fact, the fight between cats and dogs is not as terrible as you think. There is a story between them that people can’t understand. Now let me tell you about it!

Dogs are passionate and playful, while cats are aloof and serious. These two contrasting temperaments make the story between cats and dogs. The dog is bigger than the cat, and the dog’s playful nature prompts it to be curious about this aloof and small cat, and even to provoke the cat, all kinds of temptations are constantly emerging in the dog’s brain.

The cat’s aloof nature did not produce much emotional fluctuation in the face of this giant and it often slapped the dog on the head when it was about to approach. Of course, this is usually we can often see the so-called “cat and dog war”, even if the cat to the dog, in the eyes of the dog this is just playing, it will not seriously fight with the cat, so the dog will always be the “loser”.

In addition, dogs and cats have different positions in their families. The dog will judge his position below the owner, and if there are other pets at home, he will also judge his position between himself and other pets through the owner’s reaction, so the evaluation that the dog is a warm man is completely correct.

And although the cat will also observe, and it thinks that the status of the owner is equal, it observes whether the owner is dangerous to it, if it finds that it will not hurt itself, some of these powerful cats will position their status above the owner, after all, the name of the cat boss is not in vain!

If cats and dogs are docile, it is no problem to raise them together, and even bring many happy and wonderful memories to your life. Do you love such a lovely couple? If you have more ideas and examples, please share them in the comments section. Thank you for watching!

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