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Can well-trained dogs really understand human language?

Can well-trained dogs really understand human language?

When the dog can perfect make the corresponding action after hearing the instruction, many people think that this is the result of the dog’s ability to understand human language, but in fact, can the dog really understand human language? Let’s talk about this topic.

First, answer the question of whether dogs can understand human language: dogs can understand human language, but not completely.

When we watch videos, we can often see videos of pet bloggers observing dogs’ reactions through one or two words. When they hear words such as “go out to play,” “beef,” “toy,” and so on, they can extract key information from their owners’ words, which makes us wonder if they are smart. In fact, the intelligence quotient of dogs is generally compared with the intelligence quotient of human beings aged 1 to 2. Experiments have shown that dogs deal with vocabulary through the left hemisphere, while pronunciation and intonation are processed through the right hemisphere. This way of thinking is consistent with human beings. It also confirms that dogs can judge the meaning you express through your instructions and intonation. After all, dogs have a limited intelligence quotient. The words and intonations that can be understood are only simple, which is why dogs can understand human speech but not fully understand it.

When training a dog, we should use a clear tone of command to correctly guide the dog to make the corresponding action so that in the process of training the dog, the dog can understand and digest the information you send so that training is no longer hard and difficult. In addition, there are also overbearing dogs and poor dogs among dogs. The smartest dog in the world has mastered 1000 words, while the “stupid” dog has never been able to learn more slightly complex instructions.

Can your dog understand what you say? Feel free to share the discussion in the comments section, thanks for watching!

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