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Can the cat’s beard be cut?

Can the cat’s beard be cut?

As we all know, the cat’s beard can help catch mice and survey the size of mouse holes, but besides this function, do you know what the use of the cat’s beard is? Can you cut it off? What happens when you cut it off? In response to these problems, let’s give you a popular science about the cat’s beard!

In addition to being able to measure the size of a mouse hole to catch mice, a cat’s beard also has the following functions:

Feel the outside world/keep balance

The cat’s beard is the thickest hair in the whole body. The root of the hair goes deep into the skin and connects with the nerve endings. Like spider webs, as long as there is a trace of wind or vibration, it will remind the cat at the first time, so that the cat can make some very quick actions to avoid, and it can keep the cat walking, jumping and so on. Not even one of the 12 even beards is missing! In addition, although the cat’s vision can see all objects at night, this night vision function is not as good as normal during the day, when the beard allows the cat to avoid some small debris at night.

Express your feelings

According to the observation and discovery of zoologists, a cat’s beard can express its inner feelings. When the cat is angry or frightened, the beard will cling to the face; when the cat feels stable and comfortable, the beard will be loose; when the cat wants to launch an attack on something, the mustache will swing forward.

When a cat loses its beard, the most common phenomenon is that it stumbles when walking and can’t make corresponding movements accurately, so don’t cut off the cat’s beard!

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