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Can a puppy take a bath for more than a month?

Can a puppy take a bath for more than a month?

Hello, everyone. I’ve posted a bathing video of one of my teddy puppy about 75days before, and many dog owners have a lot of questions. Now let me explain to you, can a dog that has not been vaccinated take a bath? The answer is yes.

I think it can be washed if the following conditions are met.

  1. Familiar environment (when an unfamiliar environment is stimulated, immunity will decrease)
  2. Sunny weather (warm weather, not easy to catch a cold)
  3. One week after vaccination (resistance will decrease during vaccination)

Dry immediately after taking a bath, or you will catch a cold. My puppies have now had three baths. I washed them twice at home and once at the pet store. There was no uncomfortable reaction after taking a shower. So, owners who want to bathe their puppies should not be too afraid.

Here I also suggest that puppies with the following conditions should not wash first.

  1. Not familiar with the environment (just brought back for a day or two)
  2. born less than 40 days (too small dog resistance is poor, the dog itself will not be too dirty)
  3. A sick little milk dog (not afraid of ten thousand, just in case)
  4. Have an overly worried host.

And I personally feel that dogs are not as fragile as everyone imagines, and their ability to survive is still very strong.

The above only represent personal opinions (there may be errors).

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