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Bring the puppy home

Bring the puppy home

Owners who have just brought their puppies home should try to avoid possible problems so that they can raise a lovely and healthy dog.

  1. Follow the seven-day food exchange method

Dogs who have just received home should try not to change the food. When a puppy comes to a new environment, his restless mood will affect his digestive ability. On the first day, it is normal for the dog not to eat or drink. At this time, if the food is changed, the dog will not adapt to it, and the possibility of diarrhea is very high.

2. Puppies under four months old should soak the dog food until soft.

For puppies under four months of age, dry dog food granules will be soaked in the gastric juice of the puppy before digestion, which is a very stressful process for its stomach. Moreover, the puppy does not have a clear boundary to satiety and may accidentally eat too much, which will be dangerous for the puppy.

3. Dog food should be soaked thoroughly

The dog food should be soaked thoroughly, and the owner has no hard heart when he pinches it with his hand. And there is not much water in the dog bowl. Otherwise, the dog can’t eat the dog food when it is full of water.

  1. Feed 4 to 6 meals a day

Generally, puppies under three months old are fed 4-6 meals a day. If you don’t have much time to take care of puppies during the day, you can feed them 4 meals a day. As for how much to feed, it depends about each dog. If the dog is still licking the bowl to look for food after eating, and its stool is very hard, the next time the dog food is added a little more, pay attention a little more. Puppies are very prone to diarrhea when they eat too much, so if their stool is soft, you should reduce it.

  1. Don’t spoil the dog too much

The puppy does not need to feed goat milk, egg yolk, or lecithin if it is regularly and quantitatively fed with the soaked dog food. Every time you feed the dog food, you should add it from less to more. You would rather feed it less than feed it too much. Do not worry about the malnutrition of the dog. Feeding the puppy something that has not been eaten before will cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

6. Probiotics

Probiotics are useful for dogs with diarrhea caused by emotional tension, eating too much, catching a cold, and other reasons, but they do not need to be fed every day, and then feed some probiotics to dogs when they urinate and defecate abnormally.

  1. Uneasiness

The puppy just arrived at home because of the influence of a restless mood is particularly easy to get sick, will always bark be normal, do not hold it. After a few days when it adapts to the environment will stop. Don’t take the dog out to play or gather friends to watch it at home, let alone bathe it.

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