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A vibrating sound from the cat’s body

A vibrating sound from the cat’s body

In life, many owners like to keep cats. Cats are very cute little animals. Although cats can’t communicate with us in language, cats can understand some of the owner’s meanings. But sometimes cats also have some strange phenomena, such as the sound of vibration in the cat’s body. What’s going on? What causes it?

  1. Cat falsetto vibration

If the cat’s body makes a sound that sounds like vibration, it’s not actually a snore. Many people may think that this is because the cat sleeps deeply, so it snores, but this is the vibration of the cat’s falsetto because the cat’s cavity is relatively narrow, so when the cat sleeps, if there is a snore, it will often occur. This is the vibration of the falsetto, so there is no need to worry too much.

  1. Meaning of cat falsetto vibration

When the cat is sleeping, if the body makes this kind of vibrating sound, it does not mean that the cat has any disease problems. This situation often represents that the cat is in a very good mood, which is a manifestation of emotion. At this time, the cat should be very happy and sleep very comfortably, so the body will unconsciously make such a sound. Of course, there is also a situation when the cat is awake, there will be such a vibrating sound, often because the cat wants to act like a spoiled child with the owner, so there will be such a performance.

So you don’t have to mind too much about the sound of this vibration in the cat’s body, and you don’t have to be afraid. In fact, there is nothing wrong with the cat making this sound. On the contrary, it shows that the cat is very happy.

The second situation is that the cat is in a more anxious state. For example, when the cat is in a strange environment, it may feel anxious and make this sound. This sound is because the cat feels very anxious because it feels very scared and frightened when it goes to the hospital. Then it must divert its attention and make this regular low-frequency motor sound.

If it is at home, the owner can often hear this sound. This sound is very useful for people’s health. It can reduce people’s blood pressure to a certain extent, or people will feel very comfortable and happy when they stroke cats. The frequency of people and cats will reach a similar frequency, which will make people and cats reach a more comfortable state. This is for people with high blood pressure or heart and brain diseases. It is an ideal state. Therefore, touching the cat will make people feel very happy.

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