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A Stray dog is begging for adoption with child in its mouth, but it is arranged to live in a pigsty. Dog: Thank you very much!

A Stray dog is begging for adoption with child in its mouth, but it is arranged to live in a pigsty. Dog: Thank you very much!

The ability of each of us is limited, and sometimes what we want to do cannot follow our own wishes. For example, the rescue of stray animals, stray animals can never be saved, can only start the immediate things as far as possible to save, do not regret is enough. Today, it’s about a stray dog. It happened in a village. I don’t know when a stray dog came to live in the village. However, there are few people living in the village, basically, the elderly, junk food is not so much, stray dogs want to find leftovers are not so easy to find.

By chance, a man living in the village met a dog. The man saw that it was very thin and weak, so he threw some food to it. The dog is very grateful, after the meal also bowed to the man as if to show gratitude! The man was impressed by the stray dog, and in the next few days he often met it, so he took the initiative to bring some food to feed it so that it could eat and live. However, the man’s attitude towards the dog is that feeding is enough, and he has no further idea, let alone adopt it.

But the dog’s mind is very simple, it is fed by the man every day, has developed a sense of dependence and trust in him, and will follow the man to his door. However, without the man’s permission, the dog never entered, just waiting for the man to come out with the food. Over time, although the man still treats the dog as a stray dog, the dog has regarded the man as a new owner! Things changed after the dog got pregnant and gave birth.

I don’t know when the dog got pregnant, and then she gave birth to four cute puppies outside. Of course, the mother of the dog thought of asking the man for help for the first time and took all the puppies to the door of the man’s house, thinking that they could be adopted by the man. However, the man did not even intend to raise a stray dog at the beginning, and now there are four more puppies, so he does not want to be so troublesome. To settle the dog and his children and not let them find their way to the door, the man especially found a place in the woods for the dog family to live.

Obviously, the mother dog did not understand why the man did so, obviously feeding it for so long, but did not want to accept its children! The mother dog came back again and again with the baby in her mouth. The man had no choice but to put them in the pigsty next to his house. The environment here is not very good, but fortunately, it is close to the man’s home, so you can go to the man’s door at any time, and the mother dog will stay with her children.

The man felt that this could not always be the case, so he informed a local rescue organization, and volunteers came to rescue the stray dog family. Faced with the volunteers, the mother dog did not resist and left the village smoothly to be taken to the rescue station, where the dog family will start a new dog life. Cannot say that the man did wrong, after all, no man, I am afraid there is no stray dog family, can only say that the fate between them has not arrived. Thanks to the man’s care, it laid the foundation for the happy life of the dog’s family in the future. I also hope that the simple dog can understand the delicate feelings between his “new owner”!

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