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A few tips to get rid of your cat’s bad smell

A few tips to get rid of your cat’s bad smell

The cat is a very clean animal, it will lick its own hair to clean, so there is no odor on the cat. When you smell a bad smell on your cat, it may mean that there is a great problem with its hygiene and health:

  1. Cleanliness is poor: although cats don’t need to bathe often. But some cats, such as long-haired cats, have too long hair and it is easy to hide dirt, while hairless cats have strong oil secretion. If bathing and combing are not timely, it is easy to accumulate dust, dirt and bacterial reproduction, which can also cause the cat to stink.

Generally speaking, cats can be bathed once every two or three months, but they must be combed once a day. Or you can also prepare a bottle of SCS deodorization and disinfection spray for cats and spray it on paper towels to wipe the cat’s hair once a day for deodorization and disinfection.

  1. Halitosis: Usually do not pay attention to cleaning the cat’s mouth or brush its teeth for a long time will lead to bacterial reproduction in the cat’s mouth, induce periodontitis, gingivitis, and other diseases will also emit a bad smell.
  2. Ear odor: If the secretion of the cat’s ear canal is not cleaned up for a long time, it will cause bacteria to multiply and emit odor. Serious will also get ear mites, otitis media, and other diseases. So clean your cat’s ear canal secretions every week.

Wash your cat’s ears with ear wash water. If the cat is resistant to ear wash, teach a little trick to gently clean the ear canal with a baby swab sprayed with SCS disinfectant until the swab is clean.

  1. Claws stink. Normal cat paws are tasteless or milky, but sometimes when they go to the toilet, they accidentally step on dirty things and cause bacteria to multiply in their paws, which will turn them into “smelly feet”.

Spray disinfectant on a paper towel and wipe the cat’s paws, especially between the toes. I usually wipe the cat after it has pooped, before it goes to bed, and before it goes to the sofa. After a long time, it will get used to it, and every time the cat will wait for me to wipe its paws before moving, which can save me a lot of trouble in cleaning.

  1. Anal Odor: The cat’s anal gland secretions will be very smelly if they are not cleaned up, and the smell is hard to describe. So if your cat likes to rub its buttocks on the ground and lick its buttocks constantly, it may be necessary to clean its anal glands. You can take it to the pet store and ask them to deal with it. There are also tutorials on squeezing anal glands on the Internet.

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