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8 Cat Nose Secrets

8 Cat Nose Secrets

The picture of the cats’ noses touching each other is so cute. Do you know the various important roles a cat’s nose plays in its life?

  1. Dry nose and wet nose
    Cats often lick their noses, so they will keep moist, except when they wake up, they will be dry. If the cat’s nose is dry for a long time, it should be noted that it is likely to be physical discomfort. It may be caused by excessive internal heat, constipation, respiratory diseases, or colds. It needs to go to the pet hospital.
  2. Nose to nose = say hello
    If you see two cats touching each other’s noses and smelling each other’s bodies and butts, that’s how they say hello. It means: “Hi!”! Hello, where have you been? How are you recently?
  3. Cat Nose = Fingerprint
    If humans are identified by fingerprints, cats are identified by nose prints. This is a unique identity. Congratulations on having the most special kitten.
  4. GPS
    The most powerful part of the cat’s nose is the GPS function, which can help it navigate to where it wants to go, like finding out where the owner hid the goodies.

In modern life, there are too many chemical synthetic substances, artificial flavors, or chemical smells that can affect the cat’s sense of smell and lead to its degeneration.

  1. Thermometer
    A cat’s nose is a flesh thermometer, so just smell it before you eat to avoid getting burned.
  2. Get to know other kittens.
    Cats often use urine and poop to declare their territory. Its nose will tell it if someone (the cat) has invaded its territory. It can also smell a cat in heat.

When a cat smells a cat in heat, it may try to run out of the house or urinate in the house, so the doors and windows of the house must be closed.

  1. Affect appetite
    Cats are not very sensitive to taste, so they can’t really taste the ups and downs. Whether a cat wants to eat or has an appetite is determined by the smell of its nose. Cats skip meals when they are sick, especially when they have symptoms related to respiratory infections or nasal obstruction.
  2. Hate certain smells
    Because cats have very sensitive noses, they hate very strong smells, which can make them very uncomfortable and even painful.

It is recommended not to use cat litter with fragrance. Generally, cats do not like the smell of citrus and tea tree.

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