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6 Stages in the Life of a Cat

6 Stages in the Life of a Cat

The life span of a cat is very short. In just ten years, you may realize that it is too late to love and cherish it. Although the cat is aloof and unsociable, your existence is a wonderful life for it. Today, let’s take a look at the 6 stages of a cat’s life. Maybe you will love it even more!

Stage 1: Early Childhood (20 days)

When a cat is about 20 days old, it is equivalent to our human infancy. On the ninth day, it begins to open its eyes slowly and learn to walk slowly. Watching such a small creature crawl forward will always make people feel the strength of life.

Stage 2: Childhood (3 months)

When the cat is 3 months old, it is the best stage of education. It will begin to recognize people and learn some basic operations. This stage is also the stage that determines the cat’s acquired personality. We should spend more time taking care of it and interacting with it to ensure that it can trust us and live happily.

Stage 3: Puberty (7 months)

At this time, the cat begins to enter puberty, during which there may be serious hair loss. Don’t panic when you encounter this situation. This is the performance of the cat when it grows thicker and smoother hair in order to change its lanugo. When the cat is 8 to 9 months old, it can be bred. If the shoveling officer has no intention of having kittens, it is better to consider sterilization for them. (See the previous article for the benefits of spaying and neutering cats.)

Stage 4: Adulthood (1 ~ 7 years)

Cats at this stage are quite naughty, lively, and have endless energy, but this is not a phenomenon that all cats will appear. At this stage, the shoveling officer should educate them well and must not overindulge in anything they want to do. At this time, the cat’s appearance and hair color can be basically determined, good-looking, ugly, or ordinary appearance; I believe they are everyone’s favorite.

Stage 5: Senile period (8 ~ 9 years old)

When the cat reaches 8 to 9 years old, it will find that its hair is not as shiny as before, its vision and hearing are not as good as before, and the quiet cat is more like an ornament, with almost no movement. When we find that they enter the old age stage because we replace the cat food with the old age cat food in time, we can avoid unnecessary trouble, trouble you, and pain the cat.

Stage 6: Longevity (12-15 years old)

The average cat can live to this age range is already very long; at this time, the cat will be more reluctant to move and more clingy; it knows that it will go to the cat star time is running out and want to be closer to the owner, some old cats are more touching, they will run away from home when they know they are going to the cat star, do not want the owner to see their stiff body and sad. When our cats reach a certain age, we must spend more time with them; maybe that’s the last time.

Seeing this, I believe many cat owners are very touched! Now that we have chosen them, we should be responsible to the end and not let them live short life of misfortune and sadness. If you have more ideas, please share them in the comments section. Thanks for watching!

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