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5 Behaviors of Cats Who Treat You as a Parent

5 Behaviors of Cats Who Treat You as a Parent

In the world of cats, the most important thing is food and owners. When cats begin to recognize their owners, they will be loyal to their owners and even regard their owners as parents.

  1. Kneading

A cat Kneading is a kind of reflection of loving the mother. It is an instinctive reaction to see or think of its mother to regard itself as a kitten that will never grow up.

  1. Exposing its weakness to you

Cats will also express their love to you when they are sleeping. The bolder and more unconstrained their sleeping posture is, the more they treat you as the dearest person. In the eyes of cats, this is a life-long friendship.

  1. Cats get stressed when you’re not around

When they wake up after a nap and immediately look for you all over the house, congratulations, they have used you as a safe fortress, just like children stay with their parents.

  1. Response to you

The kitten will respond to the mother’s call, meowing or running to you. But when they come to you and you should be sure to give them a response, touch their head, scratch their chin, or give them a snack.

  1. Turn its ass to you

When a cat turns its ass to the owner’s face, many people think it’s a sign that the cat is naughty or doesn’t like itself. In fact, on the contrary, the mother cat will lick the buttocks of the newborn kitten to promote defecation and hygiene, which is a manifestation of love between cats. Of course, you don’t have to do the same thing as a female cat, but you have to be happy that it has treated you as a mother, acting like a spoiled child with you and recalling the beauty of childhood.

If you watch your cat carefully and learn more about its body language, you will find that your cat is showing love for you in every way. In their small world, you will always be their relatives and dependencies. Will your cat behave like this? Does your cat think of you as mom and dad or a minion who shovels shit? Or what else cat body language is welcome to share! See you next time!

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