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22 cold knowledge about cats, how much do you know?

22 cold knowledge about cats, how much do you know?

Many cat owners always think that they have understood the cat thoroughly, and the editor summed up 22 cold knowledge. I do not know how much you know. Let’s take a look.

  1. It’s normal for a cat to stick out its tongue, but if it keeps spitting, you have to take it to the doctor.
  2. The cat tilts its head not to act cute but to try to understand what you mean.
  3. The cat’s pads are popcorn flavored.
  4. When the cat kneads on you means that it treats you as a mother and feels very relieved and happy.
  5. Female cats are usually right-handed, while male cats are left-handed.
  6. A cat’s brain is even more developed than some dogs’, and more often, it just doesn’t want to talk to you.
  7. Every cat has a different nose print.
  8. Cats can’t taste sweet.
  9. You frequent stroke the cat can lower your blood pressure.
  10. The cat’s ears have 30 muscles, so the ears are incredibly flexible.
  11. Countries with the largest number of cat owners in the world: the United States, China, and Russia.
  12. Female cats can give birth to about 100 kittens in their lifetime.
  13. Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping.
  14. For people who are allergic to cat hair, the allergen is not the cat’s hair but a protein in cat saliva.
  15. The heart rate of cats can reach 110-140 beats per minute, about twice that of humans.
  16. Two cats licking each other’s fur is not to help each other but to get familiar with each other’s taste.
  17. The cat’s teeth are not suitable for chewing but for tearing.
  18. When cats eat strange things, it’s mostly because they are idle, not because of pica.
  19. Cats like to eat fish because it contains taurine.
  20. The cat’s whiskers are used to measure the size and distance of surrounding obstacles or its own sensors.
  21. Adult cats will let kittens eat first when they are eating.
  22. Cats need more protein than dogs.

If you know more cold knowledge about cats, please share and discuss in the comments section. Thank you for watching!

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