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10 Signs Your Cat Loves You. Cats Love You More Than You Think

Even though the cat is proud and always looks cool, people who understand it will still understand and feel the love of the cat.

  1. Come on call.
    If the cat responds or comes to you when you call it, it means that it likes you and cares about you.
  2. Very clingy
    The most vulnerable part of animals is the belly, which cannot be easily shown to people. If the cat often opens its belly and invites you to touch it, congratulations, the cat trusts you too much.

Always around you and like to rub on you. Sleeping next to you, I really like you so much that I have to stick to you all the time.

  1. Give you gifts.
    If we have good friends, we will share what we like with each other. Cats are the same. If they like you, they will give you what they like. However, the gifts can be a little special (mice, caterpillars, etc.).
  2. Arch you with its head.
    If the cat often rubs its head against you, it not only means that it loves you, but also means that it is leaving its own smell on you, which means that the human belongs to me!
  3. Gently bite you and lick you.
    Biting your fingers and licking your tongue is another way to show love. This expression is a little hard to understand, but cats don’t think so. Cats usually nibble and lick each other when they are intimate with each other. Cats think you are “one of us”. After all, if they don’t like you, they would have gone away.
  4. Tread milk on your body
    Stepping on milk is a way for cats to express their love. This is a skill that cats learn from their mothers when they are young. When they feel satisfied and safe, they express their love by constantly stepping on milk.
  5. The shape of the tail
    The cat’s tail is an emotional sensor, and if the base of the tail bends when the cat sees you (the tip of the tail slowly swings from one side to the other like a question mark), it proves that he is happy to see you.
  6. Snoring
    Cats purr in several ways. If a cat comes to you and starts purring, it means that it really loves you.
  7. Wink at you
    Cats will secretly make eyes at the person they like. If the cat blinks slowly when it accidentally looks at you, it’s the cat saying that it loves you.
  8. Leave the babies to you to take care of.
    Mother cats have a strong desire to protect their children, and leaving them all to you means that the cat trusts you completely. “Grandma takes care of the baby” is also very common in our real life, which is the cat’s love for you and trusts you to the extreme.

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