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(Cat Language Dictionary)How to Read Cat Language, Cat Action Language Encyclopedia

(Cat Language Dictionary)How to Read Cat Language, Cat Action Language Encyclopedia

Although cats are cute, their ideas seem hard to see through. Sometimes they are arrogant, sometimes they are clingy, and there are some puzzling actions. As a qualified cat owner, only by understanding their voice and reading their behavior, can he gain their trust and have feelings with his cat owner. Now, let’s solve the riddle of cats and see what they are expressing.

“Meow, I’m talking.”

Many people think that meowing is the most basic meow of cats, and they will meow twice when they are free. In fact, “meow” is an imperative sentence, which means that cats have needs for external things. When a cat calls like this, it usually tells itself what it wants.

  • Soft and deep “meow”: It means that the information expressed by others has been received, such as “I know”, “I heard”, “I found” and “I see you again”.

② Extend the tone of voice “Mi — Ow” “Mi — Wow”: It means “I don’t understand”.

③ “Hiss”: It means that one is ready to fight and threaten the opponent.

④ “Ow” sound: indicating excitement or fear.

⑤ “Woo”: It means that you are defending what you think is very important and you don’t want others to get close to you. If the cat is lying on its stomach and making a “whine” sound and can’t find what it is protecting, it is likely to hide the object of protection under its own body.

⑥ The sound of “yah” indicates compromise and the hope of negotiation. Cats usually only make this sound to other cats.

⑦ “Hiss-yah” sound: An unknown object is found, and it is not known whether it can be eaten or negotiated.

⑧ “Ma-ke” sound: find prey but difficult to hunt, need assistance. It is usually made when a bird or fish is seen.

⑨ “Cluck” sound: I want to vomit the hairball in my stomach. Giving a cat some plants or oils can help the cat vomit.

⑩ “Snoring” sound: indicates safety and satisfaction. Cats make this sound when they feel comfortable, and when humans do something that makes cats feel satisfied, they also make this sound to express their approval. Cats make this sound to comfort each other or to say that they are in good condition.

“Hi, look at my face.”

It is said that cats are very spiritual. They are very independent and intelligent. If cat owners look closely at the faces of their cats, they will find that they, like humans, express themselves through facial expressions.

Constrict and dilate the pupil

A cat’s pupils can dilate and contract. For cats, dilating the pupils is like widening the eyes of humans, and narrowing the pupils is like narrowing the eyes of humans. With such a cute expression, the cat owner should take a picture quickly.

Squint its eyes

There is no need for a cat to squint its eyes to adjust the lighting. Squinting indicates that it is not very clear-headed, such as just waking up, having little energy, or thinking about a puzzling problem.

Beard cocked up

This indicates that the cat wants to protect vested interests, such as demanding self-defense or opposing the owner’s lower food standards.

The beard lies flat back.

Currently, the cat thinks that he is very weak, accepts the conditions of the other party, obeys, and concedes, or chooses to face the reality after suffering setbacks. It may be the same if you are taught a lesson by your master.

Beard turned forward

It means that the cat wants more things and urges the other party to give in. They usually do this in a fight to show that they will take the initiative to attack.

Grind one’s mouth back

It’s not that the cat is laughing, it’s just that it’s emphasizing its strength and showing (or boasting) its strength to other cats.

“Look, its action has meaning.”

Other people don’t care about the inexplicable actions of cats, but some of them have special meanings behind them, and they are often misunderstood by cat owners. Here are some common actions of cats, and you need to know what they are expressing.

• Repeated yawning

Don’t assume that cats yawn when they’re sleepy. Sometimes they yawn to relax when they’re stressed. Or when they are in a bad mood, they will yawn repeatedly.

• Tuck your feet under your body

It’s not necessarily because they feel cold that we look like we’re “looking at our hands”, because it’s hot and they often do. This action shows that they are in a very relaxed environment.

• Eyes closed and tail still swinging This is the cat saying, “What’s up? I’m listening.” Even if the cat’s eyes are closed and the head is not turned to you, if the cat’s tail is swinging, it means that he is not asleep and is willing to reply to you.

“Oh, I have emotions, too.”

A cat has more temper than a dog. They are always arrogant and seem to be indifferent to cat owners. Obviously, cats are very emotional, so pay attention to what they are doing and don’t annoy cats.

• Easy and calm

When lying or sitting, the pupil shrinks into a straight line, and the eyes are half open or even completely closed. Lie down and stretch your whole body forward or roll it up into a ball.

• Happy to say hello

Stand upright with your tail straight and the tip of your tail gently rocking from side to side. Head up, squint. If you want to get close to you, your pupils are slightly dilated, your big tail is erect, or you shake it gently, you will feel it wants to come at a glance.

• Coquetry

Around your feet, constantly rubbing your head. When you put it on the table, it will grind your face with its head and chin.

• Welcome

When he came home, he would run to the door and sit, wagging his tail slowly and greatly to say, “I’m glad you’re back. Welcome.”.

• Trust

It will roll on the ground on all fours to show that it trusts you completely and feels very safe. Don’t think that it doesn’t want to talk to you when it has its back to you. In fact, it is also a manifestation of trust.

• Angry attack

The front is low, and the back is half high, the tail is flat, the ears are forward, and the claws are all exposed. Or the ears are pressed back, the beard is raised, the roar appears, and the teeth are bared. Run! It’s going to attack.

Cat owners should like to talk to the cat at home, do not think that the cat does not understand what you are saying, in fact, you can have a good “communication”, read it, understand it, and then establish a good friendship.

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